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Scan your old photos or slides, including enlargements that are wall prints or in photo albums, and create a DVD of the digital photo files. Can upload your files on the web at various sites for storage & sharing.

Create digital scrapbooks by using your digital photo files. Themes will be offered. The scrapbook can be printed as hardback or softback in various sizes.

Provide a selection of photos, printed in sizes of 6x4, 7x5, 10x8, that are printed with a professional photo company. These can be framed with mats, of various colors, that I can provide as well. Also for you scrapbookers - different print sizes can be provided.

Make a slide show with music of selected files and burn on a DVD for playback on your computer or television.

Provide a storage card of files to be used in a digital picture frame, that you already own. 

Provide a new digital picture frame with the loaded storage card.

Photograph items that you may want to sell.

Photograph important household inventory.

Photograph heirlooms, collections, hobbies, projects for referencing.

Scan important documents, receipts, awards...
whatever you would like a digial file to keep on hand in a computer of organized folders.

Scan newspapers, magazines articles that are not in located in bound material. (if there is something to scan from a book or magazine, there will be no responisibility for the binding being disrupted)

Scan & work with Ancestory material & documents for computer storage of files.

Will take pictures of employees, family members or families, church members, etc. for identification purposes (for name tags or website pages). I am a Nature Photographer and not a professional photographer for people or pets. Although I have been known to get good results of smiles :o)

Provide a Domain Name (annual renewal to keep in service) 

Create a personal or business website - providing templates or themes for choices.

Will work with someone with personal ideas, that can be conveyed, via telephone discussion or email. Very open to back-and-forth sending of files & examples.

Cannot guarantee any certain amount of hits to the website. The client can work with Google's Ad Compaign or other such site that does guarantee sizable amounts of hits with a payment to them. Your website address location (domain name) will be listed on business cards & can be located as a signature on your email account. If your website is more of a personal purpose for family & friends, you will have your domain name to give out to all you would like to share.

Create an attractive business card (even utilitzing the back for important info), providing a minimum of 500 cards each order.

Design a business advertisment flyer or brochure, rack card, postcard, invitation or notecard, poster 
(2 different sizes & qualities) or letterhead stationery layouts. Matching envelopes can be designed.

Design small business card magnets, larger calendar magnets and car door magnets (2 different sizes).

Create multiple-page yearly, wall calendar or desk calendar with your personal or business images. Calendar magnets can contain a photo or logo.

Design & produce newsletters for clubs, churches, organizations, neighborhood associations, etc. This may go along with my website design services  with including digital copies on a webpage.

Create "Programs" for ceremonies, recitals, plays, weddings, funerals and other events. Can work under direction of the client for the necessary info to be presented.

Provide end-result products from 1 to 1,000+ (depending on item) for orders of superior quality & expedient shipping).

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Just an added note that I have also designed wood products that are for sale on another website  (linked on the examples page).