Everything I do for others, I take very personally... I want to please who I am working with. The purpose of the website is for someone to present personal information about themselves and their family or as a business, association or a church. 

I don't profess that I can bring in business from anyone who is just web searching (Internet term as "getting hits"). However, I can make an attractive website that is easy to get around, informative and pleasing...which may help your business. If you would like professional help with "Search Engine Optimization" - I can steer you in the right direction; however it is quite costly.
The links below are some actual websites that I have created (some not yet completed)
In Memory of Loved Ones
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For a High School Class Reunion
For Travels
for College Resumes
Examples of my website design
For a Large Family
For Businesses

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Since I am here in O.H. -- I.O.  and I am an OSU BUCKEYE FAN - I am sharing the Columbus Dispatch's "UNDISPUTED CHAMPIONS!" newspaper special section from the January 13, 2015 "Day After" edition.  Right click to open the below link in a new window...