My name is Joyce and I thought I would tell you a little about my experience regarding what I have called this business, GPW-Design, which stands for Graphics, Photography and Website design. 

I have designed many graphics for advertisements in magazines and newspapers for various entities. I am the administrator of ten facebook pages for small businesses, which includes designing graphics for posts. I have designed newsletters, business cards, flyers, posters and websites for small businesses, churches and civic associations with incorporating my graphics and photography. I also currently administer some of the websites, (links are on the page, "Examples"). 

My hobby is photographing nature. I sell photo note card sets and bookmarks (with photos I have taken). My business is called Joyce's Choices - a link to that website is on the right.

GPW-Design is a newly created business for the purpose of combining everything I do. I also sell a different concept of note cards here, as well as Garden Signs I have designed.

Thank you for viewing my website. You are welcome to write me by clicking on "Contact Me" on the left.
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